About Me

In eagerness to learn more about creating content and developing brand awareness, I started a few passion projects that would bring me through a journey of learning new tools, skill sets and valuable life lessons.

Underestimated Podcast

A podcast featuring stories from women of times they were underestimated and showcasing the actions they took to rise above. I intent to interview a variety of women from different backgrounds and lifestyles to ensure I create something motivational that anyone can relate to. 

Writing Ruthy

I started my podcast in effort to learn and hear more stories of strong women overcoming obstacles in their lives. My intent is to use these stories as a basis for my children’s’ book series. This blog is about my journey along the way capturing my learnings, struggles and goofy life thoughts.

Marketing – Portfolio

A few projects I’ve had the pleasure of building, contributing or managing during my time as a marketing professional.